Dedicated on Veterans Day 2006, the memorial commemorates more than 400 Northeastern students and alumni who gave their lives in service of our country.

In addition to honoring the lives of these fallen service members, the memorial serves to educate future generations about the impact of war on society.

Visiting the Memorial

The memorial is located on Neal F. Finnegan Plaza, across from Northeastern’s Centennial Common on Forsyth Street, and features a sweeping black wall, seating, and a small park.

The front of the wall runs along a popular campus pathway and is the setting for the university's Veterans Day event each year. The opposite side of the wall faces a garden and features more than 400 stainless steel plates representing the dog tags worn by service members during war. Each steel plate includes the fallen hero’s name, rank, hometown, birth date, college affiliation, graduation year, and date of death.

The plates are organized by year of the service member's death, beginning with the founding of Northeastern in 1898 and continuing to the present.

Northeastern university veterans wall Visting the northeastern university veterans wall
Northeastern university veterans wall from the side
Visting the northeastern university veterans wall

Special Thanks

The Northeastern Veterans Memorial was built thanks to the generosity and dedication of alumnus Neal Finnegan, DMSB’61, H’98, Chair Emeritus of the Northeastern Board of Trustees.

The memorial was designed by husband and wife team Mark Roehrle and Mo Zell, former architecture professors at Northeastern, and architecture professor Steve Fellmeth, a former student of Zell’s.